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Combs and Company, Inc. assists leaders to bring forward their best. Deidre and her partners help you to effectively share your values, vision and projects to gather necessary support.  We teach you a cross-cultural leadership skill set, including how to facilitate difficult yet transformative conversations.  Our methodology fosters both the practical and the interpersonal so you can accomplish great work with good people remaining at your side. 


Dr. Deidre Combs is an organizational development consultant, executive coach, instructor and experienced mediator. Combs is also the author of three books on cross-cultural approaches to resolving conflict and overcoming challenges: The Way of Conflict, Worst Enemy, Best Teacher and Thriving Through Tough Times. She has worked with a wide range of corporate, government and NGO clients since 1991 including Aveda Corporation, US Postal Service and Forest Service, IBM, Agenda Ciudadana and Landmine Survivors Network.  

She has served as a professor at Columbia University and Montana State University teaching intercultural leadership, conflict resolution and critical thinking.  Since 2007, she has also provided intensive leadership development training to more than 1,500 State Department-, Muskie Foundation- and Carnegie-selected teachers, students, activists and business professionals from many dozens of countries around the world. Combs has been a guest instructor in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, India and Puerto Rico.  Deidre has also taught extensively online designing single workshops to multi-month credit courses.  

Deidre has been an executive leadership coach since 2000 working with top and mid-level employees in corporate, government and educational settings as well as emerging international leaders. She has used this process with over seven hundred individuals. 

Deidre lives with her husband in the Rocky Mountain West and loves to ski, hike and explore the back country.

"Dr. Deidre had the most positive influence on me. What I love about her is that she loves what she is doing, she has a great enthusiasm for teaching and changing others for the better, her understanding, sense of humor and the knowledge she has about what she is teaching. I really feel very blessed to be one of her students."
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”
- Nelson Mandela, A Long Walk to Freedom