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Dr. Combs can also speak to your organization.  See past keynote speeches she has provided & presentation videos below.

past keynote speeches:

To get a sense of Deidre’s speaking style and possible topics, please view the following TEDx and Pecha Kucha presentations:

keynote topics:

"Gifts from our Enemies – 
Turning Opponent 
into Teacher"
"Being an Everyday Warrior at Work and Home – Caring for Oneself and the World"
"Change, Conflict and 
Leadership Skills for our 
Globalized World”
“The Inner Battle – 
How to Fight Well with 
your Internal Opponent”
"Keynote speakers like Deidre Combs are rare indeed. The identification of patterns the audience is in and has experienced, the solutions and applications to change them, the intelligent delivery of these lessons, all come alive and stay with you. This is a speaker whose message resonates deeply. Librarians loved having Deidre's books to learn from and meeting the author."
– BETH BOYSON, Montana Library Associaton President
"Let go of how things should be to move to an understanding of how they can be."
– Deidre Combs, The Way of Conflict