executive coaching

Life inevitably provides us both leadership opportunities and surprising challenges. Although they are often transformative experiences, some situations and individuals confound us as we search for answers. Combining her doctoral research with over thirty years of business management experience, Combs has developed the Challenge Coaching method, which reframes leadership challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth.  

Deidre supports you as you work to achieve goals and bring out your personal best. She helps you stay focused on specific objectives. As your coach, Combs fosters balance, improvement and accountability by providing skills transfer, resources and suggested "homework" between sessions.

“ Deidre Combs has been an enormous part of my success, both from an organizational perspective and personally. As a mentor, facilitator and visionary, she helps to bring the best out people so they can be the best for the world. She has the capability to work both at a globally scale, and deeply spiritual at a personal level. As a conflict expert, she gives people the tools to manage conflict in very constructive ways. We need more of what Deidre has to offer in the world in which we live. I am grateful for Deidre and the messages she teaches to us all.”    
- JOE SAWYER, Newport Corporation, General Manager
"The best way out is always through.”